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How does the seminar differ from the class? You already offer a week long special effects class.

The FX 101 class is broader in scope and deals with more elements from the special effects world. In FX 101 the student will spend six days learning about pyro, fire and flame, wind and rain, weapons, rigging, smoke and fog, blood packs, body hits, car blow ups, mechanical effects, and how the student may find work in the industry. It takes place in both a classroom and field setting, with the first half of the day inside in a classroom, and the second half outside. The last day of the class involves handling explosives, incorporating some of the week’s previous effects, and culminates with the blowing up of a car.

The seminar is more focused and specialized. What a student may learn in their last day of FX 101 is now spread out over three days and more highly concentrated. At its core it deals predominately with the fire and explosives aspect of the special effects world. It has the added element of creating the effects in front of a live audience and around talent. There is no better learning experience than actually getting out in the field and working. The field is the classroom. The seminar teaches the skills and knowledge one needs to have to safely work with explosives, promotes teamwork, and enables the student to experience what it is like to actually work in a “real world” setting.

What is the three day seminar all about?

The 3 day seminar is a highly intensive, “hands on”, learning experience for the student. The student is given the chance to create special effects within the parameters of a real live show involving actors in front of a live audience.

What will the student learn?

He/She will learn to work with fire and pyrotechnics safely, to design, build, and create effects to enhance a production.

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