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Special FX 101 gives students a professional inside look at the special effects industry. Preparing you with hands-on training and an understanding of the tools, equipment and hardware utilized, our classes offer the necessary skills to become a special effects artist. If you are looking to expand your knowledge or to gain more experience, Special FX 101 has the tools you need to succeed in the entertainment industry.

From giant fireballs and car explosions to atmospheric, mechanical and physical effects, our school will teach you the nuts and bolts and cutting edge techniques you need to jump-start a career in special effects.

Andy Nicholls

Andy’s continuing interest in theater and entertainment began in high school where he built and designed stage sets, operated stage lighting and worked in many “behind the scenes” areas. During summer vacations he worked with many general contractors to gain knowledge and experience in the different facets of construction.

Graduated with a B.A. in Technical Theater / Business Management from Stockton State College in New Jersey, Andy relocated to Orlando and worked as a stage technician and pyrotechnician at Disney’s Magic Kingdom. He then moved to Disney MGM Studios where he worked as a special effects technician to open the Epic Stunt Theater.

In 1990, Andy opened Orlando Special Effects and has been providing Special Effects and Fireworks for films, television, sporting events and leading theme parks throughout the world. Since 2000, Orlando Special Effects has also been providing Battlefield Special Effects for MOUT sites (Mobile Operations on Urban Terrain) for the U.S. Army.

At Present, Andy is a representative on the National Fire Protection Association Technical Committee for Special Effects. He is also a member of PGI (Pyrotechnics Guild International) and FPAG ( Florida Pyrotechnic Arts Guild). Additionally, he often works as a consultant for local fire departments and authorities having jurisdiction (AHJ) providing training seminars that focus on pyrotechnics, special effects and standards/ codes.

Kevin Morrissey

With over 25 years experience, Kevin bring a large amount of real world knowledge.

“It’s my turn to ride the pony.”

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