Special FX School

New Class for 2019 – TBD

Special FX 101 teaches the actual nuts and bolts of physical, environmental and mechanical special effects.

Special FX 101 Studies include:

Fireworks, Film Pyrotechnics, Indoor Pyrotechnics, Rain FX, Debris Mortars, Pneumatics, Electronics, Plumbing, Carpentry, Steel Fabrication, Hardware / Fasteners, Rigging, Firearms, Fog & Smoke, Control Breakaways, Temporary vs. Permanent Installations, Laws and Licensing, Business Seminar.

3 Day Intensive Seminar

New Seminar for 2018 – 

March 23-25

An intensive, three day, fully “hands-on” instructional class creating special effects around a live show. Students will learn how to work safely and create special effects through the use of explosives, various gases and air.

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